Geotel Amigo

Super Golden Size Extraordinary Feeling

5.2 ″HD | Octa-core | 3GB+32GB | 13MP PDAF

5.2 " HD IPS screen Intelligent Eye Protection Mode

Geotel Amigo is equipped with a 5.2 " HD IPS screen. With it, the pictures look transparent and bright. The color performs evenly. So you can enjoy every lifelike moment on movies, just like you are really on the scene. The built-in intelligent eye protection mode will adjust the screen brightness automatically according to the ambient light. So there's very little strain on your eyes when you are looking at the screen.

In harmony with your hand

Why do countless people still prefer 5.2-inch screen phone during the era of a larger screen? The answer is the excellent feeling of grip which is difficult to achieve on other sizes. Plus, to fit the palm of your hands, the designers have improved the metal shaping process to enhance the side of the arc curvature to maintain the comfort of holding the phone in hands for longer period, to make sure four corners more rounded, and even the most remote operation is possible on the screen. The 2.5D glass design, which is usually applied to high-end smartphones, makes you feel just like shaking hands with one old friend when you hold it.

Decent and Charming Colors

Want a smartphone with more colors, but also love the metal touch? Geotel carefully selected the colors for Amigo which include Enthusiastic Red, Elegant Gold and Matte Black. To accurately display these colors in the metal material, Amigo uses anodizing process and the CNC diamond cutting process. That brings the back cover in two brightly highlight edge lines. One kind of material comes with two different visual feeling.

Octa Core 64-bit processor Strongly and Cool

Amigo is equipped with MTK Octa-Core 64-bit processor. Its strong performance guarantees Amigo runs smoothly even when you are playing heavy 3D games. It can intelligently assign different tasks to CPU and GPU and reduce the load of unnecessary background apps running and consumption performance and battery, keeping the phone from getting a hot.

3GB RAM+32GB ROM Large Storage

3GB RAM assures that Amigo can easily perform multi-tasking works with no issues. 32GB ROM means that you can store a large number of HD photos, HD lossless music, and full HD videos. At the same time, the storage can be extended to 256GB via a TF card.

High performance Hardware Equipment enjoy yourself with all various of games

Every gamer knows what faster and stable FPS means. When you 1s faster than the others to make a move, take the best weapon or rush through the final line, you will be the winner. We adjusted and optimized the hardware and software of Amigo times and times to achieve the best gaming performance. The powerful octa-core CPU, 3GB big memory, and the optimized software ensure that there is no problem at all for Amigo to run all kinds of heavy mobile phone games. Just enjoy the delight of winning.

13MP Rear Camera
Capture the Wonderful Moments Clearly

Everyone wants to keep their important moments glitter and clear. The advanced ISOCELL and pixel technologies used on amigo’s 1.12um camera sensor delivers much richer images with higher color fidelity. Any beautiful moments can be captured through 5 piece crystal and rectified camera lens, regardless of lighting conditions. Two-tone flash will illuminate even the darkest subjects, allowing for great shots at night. When you pressed the shutter, your memories will never be fuzzy and pale.

0.3s ultra-fast focus,
shooting becomes Wow

Time takes wings. How to capture instant moments?The key is the speed of camera focus. The Amigo gears a Phase Detection Auto Focus rear camera, which is 2X faster than the normal auto focus. As the camera makes it easier to track subject than ever, you won’t miss any important moments in your life.

Optimized Selfie Camera Still stunning in the dark

Amigo is equipped with 5MP self-timer camera, with front flash light to help you better control the brightness in low-light conditions. Even at night, it can still handle a nice self-portrait shooting. The best way to show soft hair, charming and clearly visible eyelashes, all in a lovely pictures. New soft self-timer to increase a substantial in Night Mode. Under dark environment, it can open the screen fill light, to make sure the glamorous self-timer pictures.

Speedy Fingerprint Access
Instant unlock, safe and reliable

The best way to unlock is non-password unlock.Geotel Amigo comes with a Fingerprint sensor on the back with an outstanding reliability. The phone stores your fingerprints in a totally safe way and keep your private information safe without any worries. The sensor is so sensitive that it only takes 0.3s to unlock the phone. With the fingerprint correction system, each successful unlock further enhances the recognition rate. Speed Fingerprint recognition is not just more convenient, but it is a sense of security worthy of entrustment.

Fresh Android 7.0 Nougat, out-of-box

Contrast to the previous system, and Android 7.0 comes with a Multi-window view, quick settings,bundled notifications, data saver, Doze Sleep Mode and many other new exciting functions.Amigo will also provide FOTA Online System upgrade push service, so you do not need to search the location to update the system manually. You just simply view the update duration from the setting options and download the latest software accordingly in a convenient way.

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