Geotel A1

Born to be indestructible

You will be astonished by how Geotel A1 can survive in the roughest environment.


Military level proofings of anti-dust, anti- shock,and anti-water, A1 can easily handle all kinds of harsh environment.


Geotel A1 features IP67 dust-resistant rating that makes sure you can feel free to use this phone due to its exquisite craftsmanship in many cases, even a grain of sand has no chance to go inside the phone.

-20°c – 55°c
working temperature

Most of smartphones will shut themselves down automatically in low temperature, but Geotel A1 is not one of them. Whether it is 55°c high temperature or -20°c low temperature, Geotel A1 can perfectly works due to its excellent inside construction.

No need
to hold tight anymore

Geotel A1’s military-grade unibody will not even get slightly damaged from up to 1.5M height dropping without any bulky protective case, you don’t need to hold it in hand very carefully anymore.

Sharp Camera

2MP+8MP camera combination, high quality photography experience, capture every exciting moment of your amazing life.

Enjoy the nice pictures shoot by you

Geotel A1’s camera allows for capturing the most sudden movements and landscape with the amazing auto focus whether at night or in the daytime, and the pictures come out sharp and detailed. The close shot photography taken with the excellent macro-focus clearly presents the object, which also means if you take a selfie, you will love what you look in the picture.

Free the phone
from endless charging

Stop carrying the charger all the time and worrying the battery life, a replaceable3400 mAh batteryis good enough to allows for up to 2 daysof use, Geotel A1 is always at your service, feel free to use it.

Bright Display

The phone delivers rich and gorgeous colors. The brightness can reach up to 550nits, which allows you to see the display even under bright sunlight.

93% NTSC

Android 7.0

Geotel A1 is one of the few devices powered by Android 7.0 Nougat, which can offer the best experience of Android OS. Android Nougat introduces a split-screen display mode for phones, in which two apps can be snapped to occupy halves of the screen. An experimental multi-window mode is also available as a hidden feature, where multiple apps can appear simultaneously on the screen in overlapping windows.

Always find you

With enhanced GPS Module, Assisted Global Positioning System, Electronic Compass, Geotel A1 can fast and accurately orientate your position, and navigate you to wherever you want to go, never lose your way.


The body is made of Polycarbonate material, which has strong durability and hardness. The TPU soft material that wrapping up the phone provides a buffer against tough drops.

Cool design

Tough and unique design stand out from the ordinary phones’. Aesthetic and practical details deliver sense of savagery and vitality.

Aesthetic And
Practical Details

Geotel A1

It’s born with Royal Demeanor

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